How To Register Your XiaoMi M365 Scooter

Registering your XiaoMi M365 Scooter?

You can find the UL2272 sticker to be uploaded/printed out for registration on the left side deck of the scooter

If you are unable to find the sticker, submit the proof of purchase and UL2272 Certification for XiaoMi M365 Scooter PDF File ( Link Below)

Make: XiaoMi Model: M365
 Weight does not exceed 20kg

 Speed does not exceed 25kph

 Width does not exceed 700mm

 Certified to safety standard (UL2272)

Let us know if you need more help!

Registration: www.onemotoring.com.sg/escooter

UL2272 Certification for XiaoMi M365 Scooter PDF File: Mi Electric Scooter-M365-UL2272 certificate











4 thoughts on “How To Register Your XiaoMi M365 Scooter

    • daniel says:

      LTA does not test nor certify devices to the UL2272 standard. This can only be carried out by an
      accredited certification body, such as Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL), CSA Group, Intertek Testing
      Services and SGS Testing & Control Services, and usually conducted upstream at the manufacturers’
      factories and testing laboratories during the production of the device.

  1. Calvin Tan says:

    Hi I had bought a XiaoMi m365 from another retailer and have registered with the certification of the Ul2272 without the sticker will it be approved? Because I read up on the LTA compliance web it stated that in order to be certified UL2272 one must have the sticker on it, without it it will not be considered certified

    • daniel says:

      Yes, the scooter needs to have the UL-certification label on it to be able to register. Without the certification label, it is considered non-UL.

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